15 May – 31 August 2013 Pascale Benéteau at the castle of Bizy

Exhibition by Pascale Benéteau

Painter and sculptor

Pascale Beneteau - PortraitSelf-taught, Pascale BENETEAU lives and works today in Normandy.

Young, she goes to live abroad. It was during these years that she began to paint and sculpt. In 2006 she returned to settle in France.

Beginning her artistic career with watercolor in India, it was in Japan that she was introduced to the particular technique of Japanese painting and that of ceramics which later led her to sculpture.

A strict and rigorous teaching from which she draws the richness of her artistic research.

Animals are the main theme of her sculptures, privileging with humor the soft and refined lines, to go to the essential: suggestion.

Her sculptures are cast in bronze, through the lost wax process.