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I don’t think I have chosen either the “animal” as my main theme, or the wild animal. It is quite natural that I experience a kind of attraction, a complicity with animals. It is an instinctive dialogue in a way. And it is from this informal dialogue that my work has probably derived.

Is that inspiration?

I always have been close to nature; it amazes me by its simplicity, its beauty, and fascinates me by its greatness and its power. I also have been fortunate enough to have lived a great part of my life in the heart of large African spaces with endless horizons whose animals are an integral part.

There is never a project in the first place. From the clay I model, the animal slowly takes shape.  It reveals itself little by little, I am only an Intermediate. It pulls itself out of my world to appear in ours. It is always a key period, a suspense, and an exceptional birth, in the intimacy of my workshop.

Then comes the ultimate step of transforming the terracotta work into bronze with a delicate patina to sublimate the animal.

Nature is essential to our lives. It is generous when you listen to her. It is to pay her a tribute that I dedicate my work to her;